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TubeMann Phono Stage

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Product of the Year" by Av Showrooms!

We had built a new phono stage, which is based the legendary Neumann WV 2 Riaa. It is fully balanced with transformers, and we build it with Vacuumsmelze (dated 1977) MC transformers 1:20. We used small akkus like there are in the Neumann. The tubes are Telefunken EF804s and E82CC. The pot is NOBLE NOS the PSU is a brand new design, and much better than our previous was, and 10x better than neumann. I promise, it is really an audio note killer!

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TubeGuru TubeMann RIAA $9000.

Power Supply
6C19n-B regulating tube
EZ80 full wave rectifier tube
6AU6 pentode

Preamp Section
EF86 (4) subs: 6267, EF806S used in V72 Mic Preamp pentode; high gain
E80CC (2) 12AU7 has great bass and a clear midband. Extended but not bright.

*Made by legendary Siemans/Telefunken engineer DPA
*All point-to-point wiring
*Based on the Neumann WV2 phono RIAA
*Fully balanced using 600 ohm transformer
*NOS German Vacuumschmelze step-up transformers
*Completely tube regulated and tube rectified
*High Quality Noble volume control so no preamp is needed
*Separate power supply
*Internal step-up transformers for all moving coil cartridges